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Declaration of Data Protection

sea chefs values the protection of the personal data from applicants, employees and all other third parties associated with us. sea chefs processes the personal data that is collected while visiting our web pages in accordance with the Data Protection Act of Switzerland. Insofar as personal data will be transmitted to associated businesses or third parties in foreign countries, the data protection laws of the respective country, in which your data will be processed, also apply. Should we transmit your data to a country, in which the local regulations provide minimal protection, our internal data protection principles will ensure appropriate protection of your personal data. The following declaration of data protection will provide you with information about how sea chefs handles any information, which is collected during your visit to the Internet pages and in the advertising procedures at sea chefs.

1. Purpose of Data Collection

sea chefs uses your personal data for responding to your requests, processing your orders or providing you access to special information or offers. You make an application online for positions through our "Job offers, Job search and Speculative application" pages. We assure you that your information will be treated confidentially. The data provided there is processed and used exclusively for the purpose of selecting candidates. The data communication is performed in a technically protected manner (https).

2. Which data will be collected?

If you apply for a position at sea chefs through our "Job offers, Job search and Speculative application" pages, you will be asked to provide certain personal data (name, address, email address). In addition, questions related to the position will be asked, as necessary. The attachment of your professional development and qualifications is absolutely required for an application. Please bear in mind that your data will be accessible to the Human Resources department and the on-site offices that are relevant for your application.

3. IP Addresses

We store all Internet Protocol Addresses (IP addresses) in our log files as part of the legal guidelines, and that only for a narrowly limited period of time, which is required for technical and security purposes. We generate anonymous statistics for recording the number of visitors to our web site (traffic), do not however produce individual user profiles and do not connect such with the personally associated information.

4. Application Information

With your application, you assure that the information made available by you represents the truth. Please not that any erroneous statements or omissions may represent cause for rejection or later dismissal. For the remainder, participation in this online application process is not formally valid without the provision of a signature. We are looking for the most appropriate applicants for the job, regardless of race, ethnic background, gender, religious or political views, disability, age or sexual identity. Please do not transmit confidential information about your former or present employers to us.

Insofar as such is non-significant in this concrete case for the performance of the work relationship, please do not provide any unnecessary information, such as:

  • Information that has no bearing on the job description
  • Ethnic background, political views, philosophical or religious convictions, memberships in unions, physical or mental health or sex life
  • Illnesses or pregnancy

5. Who processes the data?

The data collected by sea chefs will be confidentially processed either by us directly or by contractually bound third parties exclusively. Any further transmission of personal data is ultimately done for purposes in the scope of the contractual relationship in accordance with the legal data protection regulations to offices that process our information systems or provide specific services, for example. These offices are located in Switzerland and in countries belonging to the EU or EFTA and are obligated by the contractual obligations and data protection instructions to treat personal data in conformance with data protection.

6. Who do we share your personal information with?

The information that you provide to us is treated confidentially and transmitted within our company to those people who are engaged with the concrete application process.

7. Access Rights, Processing and Deletion of Your Resume or Application

At any time, you can delete your resume or application from the sea chefs web site. However, changing or deleting data during an ongoing application process, as well as for the period of six months after the conclusion of an ongoing application process, is not possible for legal reasons.

8. Data Security

We protect our data with appropriate technical and organizational measure, which correspond to the current legal guidelines for the protection of data and to the state-of-the-art technology in Switzerland.

Please bear in the mind that the usage of Internet for private purposes during working hours or from the workplace is not permitted in many work relationships. Several employers watch for disallowed Internet activities in the workplace in a targeted manner.

9. Modification of the Declaration of Data Protection

We will make changes to this declaration of data protection known on our home page. Earlier versions may be obtained through us.

10. Questions and Suggestions regarding Data Protection

If you have any questions or suggestion regarding the issue of data protection, please contact our Data Protection Representative, to sea chefs Holding AG, Poststrasse 14, CH-6302 Zug in writing, or send an email to: