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Important Information

Important Information

Get useful information about your activity on board.

Travel To and From the Ship

sea chefs organises and bears any travel expenses to the ship and also for your trip back home, provided you have successfully fulfilled your contract.

Flight tickets will be booked on your behalf, departing from the nearest airport to you  to the airport closest to the port of embarkation. For departures and returns at a port in Germany, the appropriate train journey will be booked for you. Your travel documents will be sent to you via e-mail as soon as we have received all the necessary information.

If, due to technical reasons, you have to personally pay for the transfer from/to your home, you will be refunded any such expenses as quickly as possible, provided this arrangement has been agreed on in advance.


The accommodation on board vary from ship to ship; but in general, the following conditions apply:

You will share a cabin with a colleague. There is usually one bathroom shared between a maximum of two cabins, although on some ships, each cabin has its own bathroom. Bedding and towels are provided. Crew members are responsible for cleaning their own crew cabins.

Many cabins are equipped with a telephone, television and their own refrigerator. Always remember that you will be living in a small cabin with limited storage space. So we advise you not to bring too much with you and avoid bringing bulky luggage (e.g. hard-shell suitcases) if possible.


Breakfast, midmorning coffee (10:00 am), lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner are served daily in the crew and officer’s mess; of course, all meals are always freshly prepared by the crew cooks.


The language used among the crew besides the safety language on board is generally English.

Therefore, it is essential that you are able to speak and understand English at a good level.