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Leisure Time Ashore

sea chefs - Leisure Time Ashore

A lot of exiting destinations will wait for you!

See here, how to spent your free time ashore.


Shore Leave

Shore leave depends on the respective department and your work schedule.

Although time will be scarce, with a little planning, you can get some great impressions of our European and exotic destinations, take a sightseeing tour, or simply stop in at a café and enjoy the local atmosphere.

You will definitely be able to visit many destinations that you could never have seen if you had not arrived with the ship.

Crew Excursions

On some routes, the purser or the Crew Committee arranges excursions for the crew, so that the crew also has the opportunity to enjoy exciting experiences together.

Protected Species

Some souvenirs from foreign countries are designated as protected species.

Please make sure you are informed about any restrictions before each shore leave – the damage done to nature cannot be reversed, and consequences can be serious (monetary penalties or even imprisonment).