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Leisure Time on Board

Leisure Time on Board

In the gym, on the sun deck or in the crew bar? See here, how to spend your free time on board.

Crew Bar

On smaller ships, the crew mess also serves as employee lounge and party room for the crew.

Larger ships also have a separate crew bar in the crew’s quarters in addition to the crew mess.

There, the crew can get to know each other and meet, celebrate together, relax and have a good time with each other after work. 

Sun Deck

On larger ships, the crew have their own sunbathing area equipped with sun loungers, and is shielded from the eyes of the passengers.

This is the ideal place for morning exercise in the fresh air, to enjoy the sunset or watch the ship sail from the port.

Crew Gym

Some vessels have a separate fitness and weight room available for crew members.

Use of these facilities are free of charge.

Hair Salon / Spa

On ocean-going vessels, you can go to the hair salon or have a relaxing Spa treatment, such as a massage, at specially discounted prices.

Please make an appointment in advance!

Shops, Boutiques

As a crew member, you will receive a discount for personal purchases from the onboard shops at designated times.

Snacks and tobacco can be purchased in the crew shop; payment is settled via your onboard account.


Your uniform will be cleaned and ironed free of charge.

You can wash your personal laundry either in the washing machines available on board, or for a small fee, have them washed by the laundry service.

Multicultural Environment

On board the ship, you are part of an international team.

We employ professionals from all over the world, people with cultural, religious and language differences, with diverse traditions and values.

This diversity is very important to us and offers you the opportunity for an exciting, new experience. As we see it, these differences greatly enrich the day-to-day work and we expect you to embrace them and be prepared to respect and accept the diversity among your colleagues.

Crew Card / On-Board ID Card

When you embark aboard the ship, you will receive a crew card. This card also serves as your ID card and confirms that you work on board.

When you go ashore or return to the ship, you must always present this card to the security staff on the gangway. This system allows us to check, at any time, who is on board and determine if someone is missing before the ship leaves a port.

This card serves as your cabin key and your "charge card", and is used to make cashless purchases in the crew bar and shops on board.