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sea chefs - Networks

Learn how to stay in contact with friends and family, who stayed at home.

Internet, Social Media

Computers are available on board.

On some ships, you can get Internet access on your own mobile device (e.g. laptop) – but this service is subject to a charge. However, in many ports, free WLAN / WiFi is available in terminals or cafés.

Postal Mail

On board, you can leave stamped letters and postcards in the crew purser’s office. These will then be mailed at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that this only applies to standard size letters. You can mail parcels and packages yourself on your next shore leave.

To make sure you can receive mail from home, we work together with port agents in various ports around the world; each respective address is posted for the crew on board in advance, during the cruise. That way, you can inform your family and friends ashore which will be enable them to send something to you. The contents of the mail comply with the import regulations of the respective countries.


You can make phone calls while on board the ship. Please note, however, that phone calls are made via satellite and are therefore very expensive.

In the case of an emergency, you can also use this connection (charged) at any time and receive calls worldwide.

Please remember that phone calls you make abroad from your personal mobile phone can also be quite expensive. The same also applies to sending and receiving text messages. So before you leave, be sure to check with your provider about the costs that apply along your cruise route.

For regular phone calls, you will find phone booths in most ports.

Crew Committee

On some ships, there is a Crew Committee.

This is a group within the crew that attends to the interests of the entire crew. For example, they organise parties and barbecues, game evenings or movie nights, offer sport and dance classes or plan group excursions.