Crew steht im Kreis an Deck und legt die Hände aufeinander
Why should you set sail with us?

Benefits & services

"A great time"
“2 ships, 3 contracts and a total of 412 days on board. 252 excursions in 61 ports. That is an incredible 84,790 nautical miles – an outstanding time.”

(Anna, 26 years old, Junior Restaurant Steward, about her time on board.)

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Would you like to discover the world like Anna while still keeping a close watch on your professional career? Exploring the world is one of the unique perks of working on board – however there is much more to it in order to make your career and experience on board the best time of your life. Our most important goal: a long-term partnership with our crew members and good working conditions on board.

We take over the organisation and costs for your arrival as well as for the departure after the end of the contract for you. The prerequisite for this is a properly concluded contract. Your contact person will provide you in advance with all the information you need to travel by plane or train. If you book and pay independently, you will receive the amount back if you travel by train within Germany.

With us you will find your home on the seas and rivers of the world: Your accommodation and meals on board are free of charge. We value a balanced and healthy diet for our international crew members – this includes the three main meals of the day including drinks. On the ocean-going cruise ships there is even the possibility to end the workday at the crew bar.

On request and under certain conditions, you can take advantage of discounted, private supplementary health insurance through us. We offer this exclusively together with Allianz Worldwide Care. Inquire about this individually from your Crewing Officer after the conclusion of the contract.


Learn from the “greats”

Use the chance to work with the “greats” in the sector: The crew of the Mein Schiff fleet regularly works with star chefs such as Tim Raue (Hanami by Tim Raue) or Johann Lafer. Inspired by his own time as a cook on board, 3-star chef Kevin Fehling opened his restaurant “The Globe” on the EUROPA. On the ships of the Phoenix Reisen fleet you have the opportunity to put your skills to the test at the side of our culinary director Fritz Pichler! With a little luck, you can get to know the stars of the German TV show “Traumschiff” or “Verrückt nach Meer” personally. Show what you can do and become a professional yourself!


sea chefs - The Journey

Career and training opportunities

sea chefs – The Journey: Take yourself to new levels! Your career will take off at full speed with further education opportunities and training. No matter in which position you join us – with our internal program “sea chefs – The Journey” we support you in reaching the next level of the career ladder. Our goal is always to promote and develop our crew members. This makes it possible to take the next career step often faster than would be the case on land. You can find more information about your career prospects on board here.


Diverse fleet

Your employer, sea chefs, is on a diverse travel mission: whether it concerns ocean cruises, expedition trips, luxury travel or river cruises. Due to the diversity of the fleet, you have the choice between various cruise lines, ships and opportunities to make your own individual career plans.

Every “prospective seafarer” can therefore choose and try out their own personal preferences, routes and favourite ships and find their dream job.

Diverse job opportunities

Do you love travelling and are dreaming of a career on board? Whether you are a manager, an experienced restaurateur, a newcomer with a completed apprenticeship or a career changer with practical experience – we not only offer diverse fleets, but also diverse entry opportunities. Our crew is the anchor of our success. Set sail and write your own unique success story! You can find all jobs and vacancies here.



Family & Friends trips

Do your family and friends also love to travel? As a crew member, benefit from special Family & Friends conditions and take your loved ones on a short trip. This depends on your ship and your position. Inquire about the current options and conditions directly on board in the Crew Office.


More leisure in your free time

Work hard – play hard: An intensive work environment awaits you on board, but also intensive experiences – so your free time will be even more valuable. We want to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible. There is always the opportunity to recharge your batteries, spend time with your colleagues and explore the most beautiful destinations in the world. When you travel around the world, you are part of our World. Class. Team. This creates friendships and a second family on board. At the same time, you save valuable time and money while working and living on board – for example because things like cooking are done for you and being able to reach your workplace within a few minutes. If you decide to become part of our river team, you can even get to know destinations on the river that are further inland. You can find more information about the leisure activities on board and ashore here.


Free time on board

Contact partner

Jobs on board

Every ship is unique!

The possibilities and conditions on board may vary depending on the shipping company or ship. Inquire in advance from the recruiters or on board in the Crew Office about the possibilities on your ship.