Kreuzfahrt-Crew mit Mundnasenschutz kĂĽmmert sich um die Einhaltung des Hygiene-Konzeptes
FOR our World. Class. Team. - WITH our World. Class. Team.

Hygiene & safety on board


It is a top priority for sea chefs to provide our crew with the best possible protection at all times. To ensure the safety and health of our guests and crew, we have worked out a comprehensive hygiene and prevention concept for all our fleets together with the respective cruise lines.

How we continuously work towards a safe future?


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Hygiene concept on board the Mein Schiff fleet (german)
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10 point plan on board (german)
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Hygiene concept at Hapag-Lloyd Cruises (german)

Basic Measures

A well-developed hygiene and prevention concept is the basis for a functioning travel.
Overarching we speak of minimum standards regarding:

  • Medical requirements & quarantine precautions
  • Health checks & distance rules
  • Hygiene & disinfection strategies
  • Development & training of new service components and procedures
  • Working with and wearing PSA masks

Each ship also has its own "Outbreak Plan". This takes effect immediately if an infection is detected on board. Crew members are trained to take appropriate action in the event of an outbreak. These plans have been approved and accepted by the US Department of Health “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC), among others, in order to contain an outbreak (such as Noro or Corona viruses) on board.

Additional hygiene measures for crew and guests

  • COVID-19 tests for guests and crew before departure or embarkation and also during the voyage
  • Fever measurement of guests and crew by the hospital
  • Information and instructions on COVID-19 plan incl. procedures on board
  • Hand wash basins and disinfectants in all galleys and public washrooms
  • Observance of distance and hygiene rules in guest and crew areas
  • Physical Distancing
  • Additional COVID-19 tests as required
  • Compliance with quarantine guidelines
  • Wearing and regular changing of face masks, gloves & co.
  • Continuous disinfection of all areas of the ship 

Safety for our crew

The health and well-being of our crew members is very important to us - we take our duty of care, including all precautions and education, very seriously. Infection prevention is in the DNA of the cruise industry, which is why we have long lived up to the highest standards of protection, information and proper hygienic behaviour.


Reisepass liegt auf blauem Koffer

Arrival & departure of the crew

  • The entire crew will be on board sufficiently before the start of the service (more info)
  • Arrival will be by train or plane - sea chefs will organise suitable means of transport to reduce contact with other persons
  • Wearing a face mask (as well as gloves etc.) during arrival and departure and observing the distance regulations
  • Following the usual precautionary measures (including washing hands, using hand sanitizer, touching the face, etc.)
Mensch desinfiziert sich die Hände


  • Each crew member will receive a health questionnaire which must be completed truthfully before embarkation
  • Before boarding the ship, the temperature will be taken
  • If the temperature is elevated, appropriate measures will be taken
  • Training of the crew in the use of personal protective equipment and hygiene measures

As on land, there are various protective measures: Distance regulations, mandatory masks, Plexiglas displays in customer contact areas, increased disinfection measures, daily temperature checks, COVID-19 tests on board at regular intervals, contact tracing - all these measures have helped to ensure that guests and crew members can live and work on board without hesitation.


Koch mit Maske auf einem Kreuzfahrtschiff

As a crew member, you will spend the 8 to 14 days of quarantine on board in a guest balcony cabin. You are not allowed to leave this cabin. You will receive three meals a day and have the option of ordering small snacks (for a fee). On board, the HR Manager or Chief Purser as well as Housekeeping are available as contact persons (e.g. for questions regarding the allergy menu or fresh towels, bed linen, etc.). Cleaning materials are provided for you. The change of bed linen is organised by the housekeeping. Many small or large items should be brought along before the start of quarantine. You can use the quarantine on board for initial training, which you can watch as videos on the cabin TV. After 14 days, the nurse on duty will check your self-maintained body temperature log - then you will go to the regular sign-on process in the Crew Office.

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Instagram Takeover

Quarantine on board

Crew members starting a new contract on board currently must spend a few days in quarantine before starting their assignment. Find out how this works, where our crew will be accommodated and what you can do to pass the time here. Ela took our Instagram followers on board Mein Schiff 1 and reported on her daily quarantine routine.

For even more insights into life & work on board at the moment, check out our story highlight in Instagram (#MyRestartDiary).

We respond to all situations in such a way that you can remain safe and healthy at all times. Solutions can be individual, and you would be fully informed by your onboard management in this event.


The regulations vary from cruise line to cruise line. For jobs on board the TUI Cruises fleet, for example, the test must be organised by you and must not be older than 48 hours. The costs are reimbursed on presentation of the invoice on board. If the test is positive, boarding is strictly prohibited. For more detailed information, please contact your Crewing Officer.


Due to the current situation, it is difficult for us to plan when we can give our crew members the chance to get back onboard again. We will definitely get back to you when the journey proceeds.


The contract usually lasts 4 to 6 months, depending on the position. Unfortunately, we cannot issue longer contracts in the current situation, as we also want to give the other crew members the chance to work on board.