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Are you ready for the best time of your life? When, if it isn’t now! The Mein Schiff fleet takes you to the most beautiful places on earth and offers World. Class. Career. Opportunities - just for you! As part of the Mein Schiff Crew, you have the chance to combine enthusiasm for your job with a longing to travel. What awaits you? Exciting challenges, international friendships and moments that you will never forget. Become part of the Mein Schiff Crew and apply for your job at sea chefs!

How does it feel to be part of the Mein Schiff Crew? You can get a first impression of working and living on board the TUI Cruises fleet here. Have fun discovering!

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Mein Schiff auf dem Meer

The Mein Schiff fleet

The new generation of cruises: The seven modern ships from TUI Cruises (Mein Schiff 1 – Mein Schiff 6) and the heart of the fleet – Mein Schiff Herz – conquer the vastness of the oceans. With the Premium All Inclusive concept, our guests spend the best time of the year. What makes the fleet special? A life on board full of variety, a lot of freedom and an international team that works together hand in hand.


Maitre auf Mein Schiff präsentiert Menü an Gäste im Restaurant an Bord

Highlights for guests & crew

The cruise experience includes a large culinary offer with the “Ganz Schön Gesund” (especially healthy) concept, the award-winning SPA and sports area, child and youth care and a first-class entertainment program. Well-known faces such as the chefs Johann Lafer or Tim Raue can be seen regularly on the ships or even have their own restaurant concept on board. The annual highlights on board the Mein Schiff fleet are event cruises like the Full Metal Cruise and the Jeckliner Cruise at Carnival time.


One Fleet. One Crew.

The Mein Schiff Crew

More than 45 nationalities and countless job opportunities – our diversity is our strength. The Mein Schiff Crew stands for diversity, openness, trust and mutual respect. Since you as the crew not only live, learn and work together, but also spend your free time together, we offer you great opportunities to do so:

Your “Rookie Coach” will help you to find your way on board and feel comfortable right from the start. The Crew Welfare Program regularly organises events and crew excursions, such as a barbecue in the Caribbean or a safari in South Africa. There are also great opportunities to spend your free time in the crew area: a gym, a sauna, a sun deck or the crew fair – you can even stay in the guest areas. This creates a unique sense of community – a World. Class. Team!

Jobs at sea chefs


Your job. Variety from bow to stern: With us, jobs in the areas of F&B, in the Hotel Department, Tourism, SPA & Sport, Shops, Entertainment, Event Technology and in Child and Youth Care are waiting for you. What does your heart yearn for? You can find all jobs and departments here.

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Your training. Seven seas - one career ladder! Start your apprenticeship as a cook on board the Mein Schiff fleet. In cooperation with WIFI Tirol we offer the only training to become a Chef on board a cruise ship. During the two-year apprenticeship, you will learn high-quality cuisine and complete your final apprenticeship exam in Tirol. Within two more years you can qualify as a Sous Chef in various subject-specific modules – and discover the world at the same time! Particularly dedicated graduates can look forward to the position of Executive Chef after a further four modules. PS: Career changers are also very welcome.

Kochlehrer zeigt Kochazubi auf Mein Schiff das anrichten eines Tellers

The safety and health of crew and guests is our first priority. In order to offer the highest level of prevention, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene and prevention concept together with TUI Cruises. You can find details here.

Your stage. Curtain up! As part of the entertainment team, you will ensure a program of extra class and prepare unforgettable goosebumps! The entertainment area is an important part of the wellbeing concept on board the Mein Schiff fleet. Singers, dancers, actors, artists, technicians and many more ensure fascinating live moments and the unbounding enthusiasm of the guests. You can find more information about jobs in the entertainment team here:

Working in entertainment

Show Ensemble auf der Mein Schiff posiert beim Finale der Show

A look behind the scenes

What jobs on board the Mein Schiff® fleet are available and why working and living on board is something very special, can be discovered here:

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My freetime
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My crew area
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My job in reception departement

Here you can see more videos about the life of our Mein Schiff Crew > Action!

Your home at sea: On board there is a separate area with crew cabins. Depending on your position, you share a cabin with a maximum of one other crew member or have an officer's cabin for single occupancy in the appropriate position. The interior of the cabins varies from ship to ship. Most cabins are equipped with a telephone, TV and a small fridge.

The pictures show a double cabin, the single shared cabin (single cabin with a shared bathroom, which you share with a maximum of one other crew member) and the officer's outside cabin.

Food & drinks are offered free of charge on board! You can get food, drinks and snacks at various points throughout the day. Your main meals are served in the crew mess. Here you can choose from a large, varied and daily changing buffet. You can also buy snacks, hot drinks and drugstore items in the Crew Coffee Shop or the Crew Pub.

For special purchases, on certain days there is also the possibility to make shopping for the crew at special conditions in the onboard shop. In the evening, you can also buy drinks at the Crew Bar after work and end the day with your colleagues.


Mein Schiff Crew Mitglieder unterhalten sich während des Essens in der Crew Messe
Mein Schiff Crew Mitglieder stehen auf dem Crew Deck in der Sonne

Free time on board

Crew Mitglied steht auf einem Berg in Thailand und schaut auf Inseln herunter

Free time ashore

Crew steht im Kreis an Deck und legt die Hände aufeinander

Benefits & services

Routes and current position

Are you yearning to travel far away? In addition to varied trips to the western and eastern Mediterranean, the routes also lead to the Scandinavian countries, the Arab world and all the way to sailing areas in the Caribbean. Would you like to know where your future home at sea is right now? You can see the current position of our ships here:

Position of the ships

Mein Schiff Crew-Mitglied in Uniform an der Reling des Crew Decks mit Blick aufs Meer - Ansicht von hinten
Du kannst es kaum erwarten?

Jobs on board of Mein Schiff fleet

Your job. Variety from bow to stern: With us, jobs in the areas of F&B, in the Hotel Department, Tourism, SPA & Sport, Shops, Entertainment, Event Technology and in Child and Youth Care are waiting for you. What does your heart yearn for?

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If you have any questions about working and living on board, you can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:30 by means of our free application hotline: 00 800 1155 7788

Feel free to find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.


#WorldClassMoments of Mein Schiff Crew


Your friends. Your colleagues. Your team. Would you like to get a taste of life as a crew member? We share the #WorldClassMoments of our crew on board with you on our social media channels! Please note: Travelling is contagious! Follow us!


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Current vacancies on board of Mein Schiff

Assistant Service Manager F&B (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Ausbildung zum Koch (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Baker / Chief Baker (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Bar Chef (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Bar Supervisor (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Barkeeper (f/m/d) German speaking - Mein Schiff Fleet
Barkeeper (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Bühnendarsteller Conférencier (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
BĂĽhnendarsteller Schauspieler (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Chef de Partie (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Chef de Rang (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Chief Pastry (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Commis de Rang (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Cook (f/m/d) - Mein Schiff Fleet
Crew Development & Communications Manager (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Demi Chef de Partie (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Diätkoch (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
DJ (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Duo (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Executive Chef (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Executive Sous Chef (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
First Purser (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
FOH Techniker Licht (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
FOH Techniker Ton & Licht (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Friseur (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Gäste Service Mitarbeiter (Rezeption) (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Genussexperte (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Golfexperte (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Hauptrolle Sänger (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Human Resources Manager (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
IT Administrator (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
IT Manager (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Junior Service Supervisor (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Juwelier Heinemann Shop (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Kellner (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Koch (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Kochlehrer (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Kosmetiker mit Rezeptionszeiten im Riso Permanent Make-up & more (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Kosmetiker mit Zusatzqualifikation Permanent Make-up Artist SPA & MEER (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Kosmetiker SPA & Meer (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
KreativkĂĽnstler (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
KĂĽchenchef (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Musical Entertainer (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Musikalischer Leiter (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Night Auditor (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Produktionsleitung Entertainment (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Provision Master (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Reiseberater (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Reisemanager (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Restaurant Supervisor (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Restaurantleiter (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Rezeptionist SPA & Meer (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Senior Waiter (f/m/d) German speaking - Mein Schiff Fleet
Shop Assistant Heinemann Shop (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Showband (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Sommelier (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Sous Chef (f/m/d) - Mein Schiff Fleet
Sous Chef (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Store Manager Heinemann Shop (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Store Mitarbeiter Heinemann Shop (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Tänzer (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Technischer Leiter (w/m/d) - Mein Schiff
Verkaufsmitarbeiter (w/m/d) - Queens Kunstgalerien - Mein Schiff
Waiter (f/m/d) German speaking - Mein Schiff Fleet
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Unique on Mein Schiff fleet

apprenticeship as a Cook

Your training. Seven seas - One career ladder. Start your training as a Trainee Galley on board the Mein Schiff Fleet. In cooperation with the WIFI Tirol we offer an apprenticeship as a Cook - the only program onboard a cruise ship at sea! Within the two year program, you will acquire high-quality culinary skills and complete your final apprenticeship examination in Tyrol. Within two more years, you can qualify as a Sous Chef in various specialised modules - and discover the world along the way! Particularly committed graduates can look forward to the position as a Chef after a further four modules. PS: Lateral entrants are also very welcome!


Every ship is unique!

The possibilities and conditions on board may vary depending on the shipping company or ship. Inquire in advance from the recruiters or on board in the Crew Office about the possibilities on your ship.