Mein Schiff Crew Mitglieder stehen auf dem Crew Deck in der Sonne
After work on the high seas

Free time on board

Even a real seafarer deserves a break from time to time

On days at sea, your ship offers you various options for spending your free time on board – as a cruise ship is not just for the guests. The offers vary from ship to ship – in the application process you will receive further details about what to expect on board.


World. Class. Team.

New friends from all over the world

Crew love is true love – when colleagues become friends! Your future team on board comes from many different countries around the world. Working together is great not only within your department, but also across departments. This exchange between cultures, values and traditions is a unique experience – this means that the team becomes a second family for many crew members. The key for this is: Being open, having understanding and showing mutual respect. Be ready for your very own journey around the world! Share not only the passion for seafaring, but also unforgettable experiences with your team!

Crew Deck

Most ships have a sun deck with sun beds, lounge furniture and parasols, which is reserved for the crew only. This area is usually open all day. So you can enjoy a little break in the sun for morning exercise with a sea view on deck or simply during your lunch break. A little tip: The departure can be observed particularly well from there. In the evening you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets at sea or the view along the most beautiful river landscapes and just relax. Crew events are regularly held here on larger ships. Inquire from your Crewing Officer about the possibilities on board your ship.


Crew Bar (ocean-going ships)

The crew bar is the best place to get to know your colleagues, have a beer after work or even get down on the dance floor! There is something going on here every evening. On some ships, bartenders mix drinks for the crew, and the crew members can show off their DJ skills. And best of all: no taxi, no underground – you can reach your new favourite club on foot within a few minutes and be in bed just as quickly later.


Crew Gym

Do you want to have a really good work out? Most ocean-going ships have a free crew gym. Here you can do your strength and endurance training and work on your beach body – after all, tomorrow you may be going to the next beach. On board the Mein Schiff Fleet you can also use the guests’ fitness area at certain times after work.


Free-time areas

Use your free time on board the way you want to: Game consoles, table football and pool tables are available for the crew on many ships. If you want to have time for yourself, you have the option of borrowing books, magazines and DVDs. The use of the onboard internet is also possible – free of charge or for a small surcharge, depending on the ship.


Usually, all crew cabins are equipped with a television. In addition to the normal TV channels, which guests can also receive, there are exclusive crew channels with a program of series, films and more.

As you may have seen in our Instagram account, many of our crew members are very active on social media – share your story too! For the crew members there is a separate WiFi network on board with access for all employees. Depending on the shipping company, the WiFi is usually chargeable for a small surcharge. Social media and WhatsApp are even free of charge on some ships. You can also use the free WiFi spots in many ports. You will receive information on how this is organised on board your ship from your Crewing Officer in advance.

Whoever loves travelling, also sometimes feels homesick! Of course, you can also make phone calls on board. However, since the telephone calls are made via satellite, these are very expensive. In an emergency, you can use this connection to receive calls at any time and worldwide (for a fee). Please remember that calls made with your private mobile phone abroad can also be quite expensive. The same applies to text messages that are sent and received. So make sure to inquire from your provider about the costs along your route before departure.

You can hand in franked letters and postcards on board at the Crew Purser’s office. These will then be sent at the earliest opportunity.

Please note that this only applies to standard letters. You can send packages and parcels yourself the next time you go ashore.

In order to receive mail from home, we work with port agents in the various ports around the world. The respective addresses will be posted for the crew on board in advance so that you can tell family and friends where they can send you something. It is important that the content complies with the import regulations of the respective countries. Please note that the package should arrive at the destination address at least two to three working days before arrival of the ship.

An advantage of working on board: You can have your uniform washed free of charge in the onboard laundry. You can then pick it up freshly washed and perfectly ironed. You can either wash your private laundry yourself in onboard washing machines or have it washed for a small fee.

When you come on board you will receive Crew ID-Card. This card is both your ID and proof that you work on board. When you go ashore or come back on board, the card will always have to be presented to security personnel. In this way, it can be checked at any time who is on board and whether someone is still missing before the ship leaves a port. This card is your ship pass, means of payment and your cabin key.

Use of the guest areas

On some ships, the crew is allowed to spend their free time in the guest areas. Crew members can, for example, use the guest restaurants and move freely on board. On board the Mein Schiff fleet you can therefore visit Surf & Turf or Hanami by Tim Raue yourself. The availability of course also depends on the occupancy and cannot be guaranteed. Find out more about this in your job interview or contact the Crew Office on board.


Onboard Shops and Boutiques

At certain times, the onboard shops and boutiques are also open to the crew. In addition to hygiene and cosmetic items, you can also buy jewellery, clothing, snacks and much more there. As a crew member, you usually get discounts and do not have to pay the full price. You do not need any cash – everything you buy on board can be paid for with your crew ID card.


Hairdresser and Spa

Do you need a new haircut or just some relaxation? Most of the ships are equipped with a hairdresser and a spa area. You can get treatments for a discounted price there. The offer and the equipment vary depending on the cruise line and ship.


Crew Committee / Crew Welfare

On board some ships you can become involved in the Crew Committee. For example, the Crew Committee organises parties and BBQs, games and cinema evenings, sports courses, dance courses and much more. The Crew Committee also regularly organises inexpensive shore excursions for the crew – because real seafarers need to feel some land under their feet!


Free time ashore


Jobs on board

Recommend a Friend

Have you passed on your love of travelling to your friends? Benefit from our Recommend-A-Friend program! We would be happy if you encourage your friends and acquaintances with your own enthusiasm for seafaring. With the right skills, your friends will also have the best chance of building a career on board. Send us the complete application documents for the respective position and receive a bonus of up to 350 Euro after boarding the ship! The amount of the bonus depends on the respective cruise line. Send us the candidate's documents to:

Every ship is unique!

The possibilities and conditions on board may vary depending on the shipping company or ship. Inquire in advance from the recruiters or on board in the Crew Office about the possibilities on your ship.