junge Bewerberin lacht überrascht während des Job-Interviews
Your gangway to a career on board

Application process: Your way on board

Only a few more steps until you can finally gather nautical miles

Would you like to become part of our sea chefs crew? We carefully select our crew members on board our ships – therefore our applicants go through several steps. Below you will find a brief overview of the application process and the documents required for a job on board. If your application was successful, you will receive detailed information from your direct contact person on how to get started.

If you have any questions, you can of course contact our free application hotline at any time: 00 800 1155 7788 (Mo–Fr, 8:00h – 16:30h)

You can already find many answers to frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

Have you already found the right job for yourself? Let your journey begin! The first step is taken when you send in your application! Therefore, just fill out and complete your application form. Your data will then be processed by our recruiting team.

After receiving your application, our recruiting team will check it for completeness and decide whether the job is suitable for you. If your profile is more suitable for another available position, you will be contacted separately.


If you are suitable for the job, our recruiting team will contact you by phone or email to discuss the next steps and answer further questions.


Depending on the position and cruise line, you will now be invited to a telephone interview, casting or recruiting day on site. In a conversation with the recruiters you will receive detailed information about your future employer sea chefs and the department on board; you can also ask individual questions. Your specialist knowledge can also be checked directly here for the first time.


If you have successfully mastered the interview or your casting and can imagine having a job on board, you will receive a contract offer from us. By signing the contract, you will become part of our World. Class. Team.


Your salary depends on the respective cruise company and position on board as well as your professional experience and is made up of various components. It is transferred monthly in euros to the account you specify. Alternatively, you can leave it in an account on board until the end of your contract and/or have part of your salary paid out in cash. Your crew or chief purser on board will be happy to assist you with this.

During the application process, your contact person will explain to you how the salary for your position is made up and what amount will end up in your account each month. If you have any questions about the salary structure for a job on board, you can ask our recruiting team directly via our free applicant hotline 00 800 1155 7788. Please note that a final statement on the monthly salary for the respective position is only possible after reviewing your application documents.


Now it’s getting serious: Your contract is signed and dusted and the final preparations are getting under way. You should plan about two weeks for the following steps. From now on, your contact person will be our Crewing team in Cyprus. From there your responsible Crewing Officer will accompany you as a “guide” until you get on board!


Crewing process

Are you set to go? After you have signed your contract, there are still a few formalities to be clarified. In addition to a valid passport, you need a seaman’s book (applied for by sea chefs), a medical certificate of fitness for sea service and, depending on the area of travel, any vaccinations that may be required. You can submit everything conveniently and clearly via our Crew Check Portal. A contact person is available for you in this online portal who will answer your questions. Here you can also complete your online training in the next step. You can find more information here.


Checkliste der benötigten Dokumente für einen Job auf Kreuzfahrtschiffen

Before the start of your contract, various online training courses must be completed – this can be done from home. Safety training is particularly important for work on board. Depending on the cruise line, this takes place in advance on land or directly on board. You can get precise information from your recruiter or in advance here.


Have all the required documents been submitted and all training courses completed? Then you are ready to go! Our team will take care of your arrival, book the flights or train tickets for you and then contact you with the final travel dates.


As the saying goes: “Cast off!” You have made it and your adventure on board can begin. You can hardly wait to travel the world and experience unforgettable #WorldClassMoments. We look forward to meeting you!

If you want to get in the mood for your adventure, check out the #WorldClassMoments of your future colleagues on our Instagram channel!

Applicant hotline

If you have any questions about working and living on board, you can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:30 by means of our free application hotline: 00 800 1155 7788


Contact person

Do you have specific questions about your application? Feel free to get in touch with your direct contact person.


Apply now!

All right? Let the adventure begin! Here you can find all vacancies on board.