Crew steht spalier und schaut nach vorne, ein Crew Mitglied lächelt in die Kamera
Seven seas - one career ladder

Career prospects on board

Grow beyond yourself!

“From salad washer to sous chef” - 3-star chef Kevin Fehling worked his way up to the top of the Galley team on board the EUROPA in just two years. He has been running his own restaurant “The Globe” here since 2019 and is regularly onboard himself. This shows just one career path – and how about your future? Are you committed and passionate about your work? Take the chance to develop yourself further and set a course for your career! On board a cruise ship, you will gather a lot of impressions and experiences – in a much shorter time than is possible on land. We do everything to support you and help you to pick up speed!


Own promotion pool

If there are superior positions to be filled on board, we prefer to promote our own crew members. As an existing part of our team, you are already familiar with everyday life onboard, you know the processes and the ship. We would like to offer this perspective to all crew members. With a lot of commitment you have the best chances of reaching the next career level.


Further training onboard

We want to be at your side at all times of your career. That is why we offer a variety of further education, training and development opportunities. We would like to help you to develop your career, but also so that you can develop personally. In addition to professional training on board, you have the chance to work with the best in the sector. Let yourself be inspired by star chefs like Tim Raue, Kevin Fehling or our Culinary Director Fritz Pichler. As part of our World. Class. Team. you will definitely think outside the box!

Get to know new areas

Would you like to change your perspective? With so-called cross training you have the opportunity to get a taste of other areas during your time on board. For example, if you as a cook want to lend a hand in the Entertainment team, our stage technician team will certainly let you look over their shoulder. Would you like to accompany one or the other shore excursion? Some ships and trips even allow you to get a Zodiac driver’s license in Antarctica or to accompany guests through the Amazon. Inquire in advance at the Crew Office and ask the responsible department head.


Language courses

We offer language courses for our international crew members on some ships. Non-German speaking crew members receive German courses at different language levels. In this way they can further improve their qualifications and career opportunities.


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Unique on Mein Schiff fleet

apprenticeship as a Cook

Your training. Seven seas - One career ladder. Start your training as a Trainee Galley on board the Mein Schiff Fleet. In cooperation with the WIFI Tirol we offer an apprenticeship as a Cook - the only program onboard a cruise ship at sea! Within the two year program, you will acquire high-quality culinary skills and complete your final apprenticeship examination in Tyrol. Within two more years, you can qualify as a Sous Chef in various specialised modules - and discover the world along the way! Particularly committed graduates can look forward to the position as a Chef after a further four modules. PS: Lateral entrants are also very welcome!


Career ashore

Did you know that sea chefs is not only your employer on board, but also offers a wide range of job opportunities on land? If at some point you have travelled all over the world and feel like settling down, as an expert on processes on board you are the perfect candidate for a position in our offices on land. Here you will get to know what is going on “behind the scenes on land” and you will surely meet one or two former colleagues from on board again.

The corporate divisions include food purchasing, logistics and the recruiting of new crew members. Are you curious? You can find all areas in which sea chefs is active here.

Behind the scenes


Application process

Every ship is unique!

The possibilities and conditions on board may vary depending on the shipping company or ship. Inquire in advance from the recruiters or on board in the Crew Office about the possibilities on your ship.