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Your job on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet

When passion sets the course

Around the globe in 247 days. Exploring ancient cultures and new worlds. Take yourself to new levels each day and get new inspiration for your professional development! As a crew member on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet, you do not only dream of the colourful island worlds of Southeast Asia and the tastes of foreign countries. You experience them up close and discover the world with a different perspective. How is that possible and how can you advance your career at the same time? Apply for a job on board the luxury ships MS EUROPA, MS EUROPA 2 or on board the most modern expedition fleet in the world – HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit.

What unites the fleet and crew: A feeling of optimism, the anticipation of experiencing something new every day, and the feeling of freedom. Would you like a taste? Get a first impression of working and living on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet below.

Welcome on board – welcome to our World. Class. Team.

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The Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet

the world’s best moments


The EUROPA has been setting standards in the luxury cruise sector for many years. What distinguishes it? Character, individual service and a crew that makes the trip something special for discerning guests – awarded the 5 stars+ category, together with the EUROPA 2, she is considered the best cruise ship in the world (according to the Berlitz Cruise Guide). With a maximum of 400 guests and 285 crew members, the EUROPA offers plenty of space and freedom for extraordinary moments due to her small size. “The Globe” by Kevin Fehling and the caviar restaurant “Pearls” represent high-class cuisine.

Once a year the EUROPA goes on a world tour: Take advantage of the unique opportunity to travel to many exciting destinations around the world in a short time while working on board. From a beach BBQ in the Caribbean to a champagne reception on Easter Island. Countless #WorldClassMoments lie ahead of you on a trip around the world with MS EUROPA.
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freedom that takes you places


The EUROPA 2 is the epitome of casual luxury and is considered the best cruise ship in the world (according to the Berlitz Cruise Guide). Haute cuisine, exclusive entertainment, the award-winning Ocean Spa and the most luxurious suites on the high seas – the “big sister” of the EUROPA creates plenty of space and still offers the flexibility of a yacht.

Besides the best jobs on board in the luxury sector the most unusual places in the world away from the usual routes await you on the EUROPA 2. Be part of the crew on board the EUROPA 2 and help shape it to become what it is: the best cruise ship in the world. Make the most of the opportunity and apply now for a job on board MS EUROPA 2.

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a mixture of adventures and comfort

HANSEATIC nature, inspiration & spirit

See more. Experience more. Tell more! The youngest expedition fleet in the world: Equipped with the highest ice class, the HANSEATIC nature, HANSEATIC inspiration and HANSEATIC spirit travel to the remotest regions of the world. The small expedition ships with a maximum of 230 guests and 178 crew members reach places that few people ever get to see.

Experience the unusual every day: passing huge glaciers, exploring Antarctica on a Zodiac or seeing Galapagos turtles up close. The new expedition class from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises attaches great importance to sustainability – after all, we are all in the same boat when it comes to environmental protection. Always with you: the pure feeling of adventure! Apply now for a job on board the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises expedition cruise ships.

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200% experiences, 100% performance, 0% everyday life!

This is what awaits you on board Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

What our guests experience: Exclusive luxury. Unique routes. And first-class service from the crew on board the best cruise ships in the world – that really is the best time in the world. What our crew experiences: the adventure of a lifetime. The chance to shine once again each day. And the unique feeling of being part of a World. Class. Team.

What is special about the Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet: You experience the unusual every day. Get ready for destinations beyond the classic cruise destinations. On the world tour on board the EUROPA and EUROPA 2 you wake up almost every day in a different port – with the expedition ships you can reach the most exotic and remote places on earth.

A look behind the scenes

The wind in your face and the spray on your skin – this is part of your everyday life with your job on board! You can see in our videos what it looks like behind the scenes and how it feels to discover the world when living and working on board.


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MS Europa - the world’s best moments
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MS Europa 2 - freedom that takes you places


The jobs on board are just as diverse as our fleet. Are you passionate about gastronomy and the hotel industry? Then a varied workplace awaits you with up to 7 restaurants at 5 stars+ level, up to 6 bars and lounges and exclusive suites. Further jobs await you in the areas of tourism, the shops and in the Ocean Spa. You can find all vacancies in the respective departments on our website.

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Routes and current positions

World explorer? With your job on board the luxury ships MS EUROPA and MS EUROPA 2 you can circumnavigate the world – from Rio to Bali to Greenland.
Adventurer? The expedition fleet mainly heads for the polar regions or travels through the Amazon in search of the famous pink dolphins.

You can see the current position and the next routes here:

Jobs on board of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

On board of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises you can expect a variety of jobs in the areas of F&B, in the hotel department, tourism, spa & sports, shops, entertainment management and in child & youth care. Where do you want to start your journey?

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If you have any questions about working and living on board, you can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 16:30 by means of our free application hotline: 00 800 1155 7788

Feel free to find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs.

Benefits & Services
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Becoming part of our World. Class. Team.
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Would you like to get a taste of life as a crew member? We share the #WorldClassMoments of our crew on board with you on our social media channels! Please note: Travelling is contagious!

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Current vacancies on board Hapag-Lloyd-Cruises

Assistant Housekeeping Manager (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Assistant Housekeeping Manager (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Barkeeper (f/m/d) German speaking - Hapag-Lloyd Luxury Cruise
Barkeeper (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Barkeeper (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Butler (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Butler (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Chef (f/m/d) - Hapag-Lloyd Luxury Cruise
Chef de Bar (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Chef de Cuisine (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Chef de Cuisine (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Chef de Partie (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Chef de Partie (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Chef de Rang (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Chef de Rang (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Chef Patissier (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Chef Patissier (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Commis de Cuisine (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Commis de Rang (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Demi Chef de Partie (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Headwaiter (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Headwaiter (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Housekeeping Staff / Cabin Cleaner (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Housekeeping Supervisor (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Kellner (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Kinderbetreuung (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Koch (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Nachtportier Housekeeping (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Programm Techniker Broadcast / Stage (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Programm Techniker Licht (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Programm Techniker Licht/Broadcast (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Reinigungskraft Suiten (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Reiseberater (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Rezeptionist (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Sommelier (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Sous Chef (w/m/d) - Expeditionskreuzfahrt
Sous Chef (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Tontechniker Entertainment (w/m/d) - Luxuskreuzfahrt
Waiter (f/m/d) German speaking - Hapag-Lloyd Luxury Cruise
Every ship is unique!

The possibilities and conditions on board may vary depending on the shipping company or ship. Inquire in advance from the recruiters or on board in the Crew Office about the possibilities on your ship.